Thursday, 3 April 2014

Family support and Early Years intervention

After more then 10 years working with children and their families, different ages and different settings, I have the feeling I need to go a bit further. The feeling of sharing, giving and receiving in another context quite new for me. New because the setting won't be a nursery, or school, or any children services. New because it will involve the family in its own essence and will take place in its own natural world.

I'm pro natural parenting, respecting either family beliefs and children needs and stage of development. On one hand my role is to support, advice and guide any family who need it. On the other hand, provide the child an individual attention, meet and care his/her early educational and emotional needs and ensure an overall, integrated and harmonious development.

I'm currently starting my training as a doula to expand my knowledge. I strongly believe in the family and their strengths, that before the birth the family needs special care and someone to look after their needs. To be accompanied, to help them preparing the special place for the new baby, to encourage and help them to find inside what they need to become parents. Moreover, more specific presence with the mum during pregnancy any during birth.

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